Route MIDI -> Synth -> Renoise

I can do MIDI out to my synth from renoise which is cool, but can I then take the audio my synth generates and put it back into renoise Tracks real time and use the renoise DSP on that audio?

For now I’ve been using a 2-step process,

  1. play song with MIDI OUT, synth generates music which i save to WAV…

  2. then putting the real audio that resulted into a WAV which i stick into renoise as an instrument/sample

Look at the Line Input routing device and see if that is what you need.

You can use the Line Input device to sequence the synth. Then you can record the sequence.

Go to the sampler tab, click on the little “Rec” bottom right ish of the waveform display which will pop this window up 34fa98bdf6.png

You can either sample a single note and then sequence said sample, or record the whole pattern by click on “Pattern” which will record the pattern with effects, if you don’t want effects just click “Record dry”.

Thanks peeps, the Line In routing device worked the charm :]