Route MIDI to Multiple Destinations?

The new MIDI Routing is great.

I’d love it if that option was present on all instruments – not just those containing plugins that output MIDI.

And if you could route MIDI to multiple destinations.

That way you could have a passthrough instrument (with no plugin), routing its MIDI to multiple plugins (located further down the instrument list).

Unless this is already possible in Renoise.

(But I don’t want to use 3rd party MIDI loopbacks or modular patcher plugins like Bidule).


One way to do this would be to add a built-in MIDI loopback system.

Renoise MIDI loopback devices would appear in the “Input Device” and “Output Device” lists in the Instrument MIDI pane.

You could configure as many as needed. Maybe give them names. Dorothy. Enid.

I would like to route MIDI from one plugin to multiple Renoise instruments. I’ll create my own MIDI plugin to generate several signals via different channels.

This is possible with a MIDI loopback.

example is the

Via the MIDI tab image
set the Output of a new empty instrument to the Loopback
and the other instruments to trigger, the Input to the Loopback

:scream: I wasn’t even aware you could do that with Plugs that Output Midi!

+1 for internal Routing without using IAC, there is a tool tough that clones notes in a group to all channels.


Yeah, so you dont have to copy patterns, and, you could mess around with transpose.

Some soft synths has that midi routing option, (like HY-MONO Mac) but far from all