Route Tracks Directly To Send Track

I suggested this earlier but now I feel I really want and need this in addition to the send device.

I want to be able to route one track directly to a send track and use it as an ordinary sub/bus/group before the Master so that all mixing I have done in the post fx mixer is included right away. In other words I want the send tracks available in the routing drop menu in the mixer for each track.

When I use the send device, all the mixing I have done is lost and I have to either do it again by copying the fader settings to the send device but the panning is lost anyway and I have to use the pre fx mixer to get it right. But this gives me another problem because I want to have the pre fx mixer set aside for automation only.

The problem lies in that I use the mixer a lot through the whole song making process and I don’t add send tracks before the finishing touches. Therefore I want to be able to send several tracks (drums for example) as they are to a common track for multiband-compression and so on before they are routed to the master track. Cubase has both ways of doing this… sometimes one is better than the other and I really miss this in Renoise becasue I want to be able to add sub goups late without have to do a lot of extra work.

This suggestion (from my point of view) doesn’t affect the way the send device and tracks works today but is rather an extension of routing and the way send tracks can be used.

Okey… I’ve got an even better idea.

Let’s add the option to link the send-fader to the post-fx-mixer-fader.