Routing A Track Or A Vst Channel To A Track

The headline should be “Routing A Track or a sample of an instrument Or A channel of a Vst to a specific Track”

In the help section I ask, how I can root a single channel of a multitimbrality vsti to a specific track in Renoise. There I get the answer: “It is on the ToDoList.” :yeah:
However my suggestion takes the same line. I have loaded my old fasttracker files to mix them, and if I am not at fault, I can not route a track to another track. Correct me if I am wrong. If I am right, it would be a fine to have this possibility.

You can route one track to another using a plugin like Senderella, whether the VSTI would pick it up, i doubt that, but you can route one track to another without specifically needing sendtracks.
It just requires a different VST plugin that allows you to do that currently.

Good to know, and I will use this possibility.

With your answer I controled my proposal.
I’m not meaning routing a track to track, I mean: “Routing an instrument (not VSTi) to a specific track”. :) But both would be fine, and will have the same result and other.
Routing each sample of an Instrument to another track is another possibility to mix an instrument.

Routing, or locking seems a similar idea to me…
About routing each sample to a track, lots of folks including me suggested a sample-pool so that reloading of already loaded samples cluttering up memory would be avoided this way.
But there are no idea-waves broadcasted from the developer’s site about how the instrument structure would be improved in the future version.
A lot is going to change to that part of Renoise. Maybe locking instruments to certain tracks would be one of them and if a sample pool is being applied then you would also have a detoured method to assign samples to tracks.

At least you are not forced to use one instrument across multiple tracks so the only thing you now need is watch carefully which instrument you have selected before recording notes into the pattern editor.

I am anxious to Version 2 of Renoise.
Seems, that I have to wait mixing my old Fasttracker and Skaletracker songs.