Routing Addictive Drums 2.


I started this as I did not find any entry on Addictive Drums 2.

Recently I had a problem when trying to route the drum tracks to separate tracks, but what I was offered as track options to route to, looked like this:

(img 1.)

It is like the plugin offers only an option to have the single drums as stereo pairs, with kick on the left, snare on the right, as, say, Track 1.
If I set this, and trigger a kick, it sounds on the set channel, only on the left side. The snare, on the right.

(img 2)

I checked in Ableton, where it offers the certain instruments, kick, snare, etc, one by one, as you would expect.

I suppose there is something to do with the little double circle icon at the right of the bus selection setting line, but it is greyed out (img 3).

Appreciate any help.


The same thing happens here with Addictive Drums.

I suspect it’s an issue with Renoise shuffling/merging the channels in the wrong way, somehow. For example: It shouldn’t merge Kick/Snare into one channel (kick being left and snare being right), but instead provide a stereo bus for kick and another one for snare.

So I’m guessing this is a bug?

Also, Addictive Drums should report 16 (?) separate buses in total. In Renoise only 9 (because of this).