Routing Audio Input To A Vsti

Is there a way to route audio input from the soundcard directly to a vsti? I’d like to record into Geist (I can record a sample, then route the sample to geist via the splitter, but that’s not exactly a smooth workflow).


It’s an instrument, in theory, direct routing to the effects chain could work too because it comes with a splitter vst effect that routes into the vsti. But I don’t know of a way of directly routing input audio to either vst effects or instruments.

I don’t think the ‘enable track effects during recording’ thing will do the trick because I want to be able to work with the vsti interface while doing the recording.

Incidentally, I think this functionality would be useful for other vsts with sampling/recording capacity (reaktor, energy xt as vst, bpm, etc.)

How do you route audio input from the soundcard directly into an effect (reaktor or otherwise) without recording a sample first or being in the sample record dialog? That’s my question and as far as I know, it isn’t possible.

Without this, I can’t use the sampling function in geist (or other vsts) without first recording a renoise sample.

what about inserting a line in device in the chain before the actual vst effect