Routing Drum Machine

Allright, I got myself d16 group’s Nepethon, awesome drum machine and all that.
I’m just wondering if it’s possible to route the bassdrum to one track, the snare to another track and so on? I know it’s possible in logic for example, but renoise seems to lack this feature?

Am I wrong? If not, this should be implented! :huh:

Not yet possible but hopefully possible in the next or the next-next or the next-next-next version.

currently in renoise you can only record one track of audio at a time in the sample editor. this is kind of a pain in the ass for people that do work outside of the computer. Your best solution is to go pick up some software that will record multitrack (you could probably even find some free stuff on the net), and then import the tracks into renoise after. alternatively, another solution would be to use the sample editor and record one sample, going through the entire song with your kick on the drum machine solo’d, then your snare solo’d, then your hi-hat, and so on. with this method you would be recording different tracks of each drum instrument each time through. it’s somewhat tedious, but currently your only option if you want to work solely in renoise, unfortunately. i agree though, some sort of multi-track functionality would be nice to see in the future.

The d16 is a vst instrument, isn’t it? Can’t you load in two d16 instruments and use one for the snare and one for the bassdrum?

Yes but that is not ultimate since some vsti has multiple outputs.