Routing internal midi

Hi !

I try to use Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 in Renoise. It basically takes audio input and spits MIDI notes to the host.

Problem : I have no Idea how to access said MIDI from within tracks.

I’ve also tried to use the standalone version of Midi Guitar but Renoise makes all sorts of cracks and pops when both are opened.

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Try this.Put your midi guitar on instrument slot 00 and the instrument you want to control on slot 01.

Now while you are on midi guitar go down left and in effects choose routing-line input.Now go to plugin tab for midi guitar and there is an option at the left for midi routing.Press that and choose slot 01.This should work.This is for Renoise 3.1

Here i am using another midi plugin

Thanks for the comprehensive answer. Unfortunatly it is an effect and not an instrument.

If I use VST FX alias I don’t see any routing option.

maybe you need for Renoise a virtual Midi Patchbay (virtualMIDI, MidiYoke)

After using it as an effect you will probably start to wonder how to get the MIDI output from MIDI guitar into your DAW and into its piano roll. Most DAWs have ways to route the midi output from MIDI Guitar to other places and if not you can always fall back tousing the standalone version with a virtual MIDI loop. On Mac OS X, virtual MIDI is built in. On Windows you need to install a virtual midi driver.

Renoise Blog: Advanced Midi Routing for Renoise


I’ve already tried the standalone version with a MidiLoop, but it makes renoise cracks all over the place (even without any audio being processed into midi). They can’t seem to be able to coexist.

That’s why I was looking for an internal solution

I contacted the guy from Midi guitar and he confirmed : the standalone solution is a no go (both ASIO coexist poorly).

So, I’m left with internal midi routing. Is there anyway to catch midi messages sent to renoise by an FX vst ?

Hope I’m not to late on this, but I have been using these two for a while. I prefer using Renoise for MIDI Guitar over Ableton. I realize we may not have the same hardware and what works for me may not work with your system. I will try to explain how I do it.

First, If I want to be able to convert my guitar signal to midi AND be able to hear/process my guitar signal in Renoise, I found I have to split my guitar signal. I use a Saturnworks Passive 2 Channel Summer/Splitter in reverse. I think any method of splitting should work. I have an AKAI EIE Pro: I use channel 1 or 2 for MIDI Guitar input and 3 or 4 for Renoise input.

In Midi Guitar I set my audio channel to 1 or 2. I set MIDI Output to “LOOPMIDI PORT”.

In Renoise set MIDI Input device to “loopMIDI Port”. This must be done for each instrument you wanna control(I stack instruments, sometimes sending midi to hardware synths).

For your guitar sound, the Line Input device. I have been setting mine up in a instrument. I find the sample effects are great for setting up parallel fx chains, kinda like the fx racks in Live.

I will state I am using MIDI Guitar II Beta 4. A friend gave me a copy when he was testing. I’m not sure the latest versions will work. I think I’m gonna buy it, just keep forgetting and putting it off. I want to play guitar and sound like Aphex Twin, but it sounds more like Autechre most the time. Goals. Need more Tylenol.

Oh, I use loopMIDI for my virtual midi. Simple and it works.

Hi! I’ve been trying to do this recently and not had much luck. Has anyone tried it recently?
Standalone won’t run at the same time as Renoise (asio conflicts, as Tumulte mentioned).

I can get Midi Guitar 2 to run as a track effect via *line input, but although Midi Guitar says midi output is “sent to host,” I’ve got no idea how to get renoise to recognise or use it.

Has anyone had any luck getting midi guitar 2 to input notes into Renoise?

You can load an effect then select fx alias from the instrument dropdown .
This will send note data to your effect instance
, but I dont know if the effect alias is able to route it;s (midi) output to another vst

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Yeah, in this case what I am trying to do is take the midi output from the effect and sent it to renoise as a midi input.
I would even be willing to do this via a virtual midi port but I can’t find a way to send midi from the vst effect out of the program either/

Is what you need.
You need to create a virtual midi port.
Then select this virtual port as output for the midi program.
This midi port can then be selected to control a certain instrument.
This way is very unusable, but it somewhat works.
Need still to record the note data and/or samples from the instrument playing. You can select Real-Time render, but still, how to then match the MIDI timing?
Best is to program or load the midi into Renoise’s pattern editor instead of trying to work with (virtual) midi inputs that input note data.

Hi EatMe. I have loopmidi, but unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to output midi from an effect in renoise to a virtual midi port.
At this point I’m giving up and ordering a physical midi pickup for my guitar. Jam Origin’s Mid Guitar 2 works fine in other DAWS but it just doesn’t seem to be useful in Renoise.


You would need to be able to select the virtual MIDI port in the effect,
(so first create the virtual MIDI port in LoopMIDI),

or you would need to select an FX alias that shows up in the instrument plugins list.
More information here: