Routing Midi Commands

I have a MIDI keyboard with modulation and pitch bend. Usually they do vibrato or change pitch. Is it possible to give them different commands like make them control cutoff and resonance?

EDIT: Oh, right. I forgot MIDI mapping. Very nice feature, I must say.
EDIT2: Hmm, seems like it doesn’t recognize my M-Audio Keyrig 49’s pitch bend. Modulation works well. And why you can’t control many sliders with same controller?

The pitch bend is sending a different signal then the usual MIDI CC, perhaps you can use the MIDI Control Device to let the pitch bend signal control instrument parameters, but otherwise you really need a more extended midi controller that has more faders and twistknobs that signals through MIDI CC.
No you can’t currently assign one controller to more sliders (at least not without changing the MIDI channel that is), but that is where the Hydra device helps you out, through the hydra you can control more sliders at the same time using one main slider to drive those.