Routing Midi from one Channel to another?

Hello, is it possible to route Midi from one Renoise Channel to another?

I have a track that has a VST that has an integrated ARP that ouputs Midi and would like to channel the arped Midi Note Stream to another Renoise Channel that has a regular sample instrument.

I’m on macOS if that helps :slight_smile:

If you can find an app for MIDI routing on the macOS you use…

  • create a virtual MIDI routing lane
  • select the virtual MIDI routing lane in the plugin as MIDI output
  • select, in the MIDI tab, at the sampled instrument, as input device the virtual MIDI routing lane
  • select, in the left bottom corner of the Sampler tab, the output track for the sample - you can also create a FX chain to route to a certain track at the Effects button.
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Thanks, bit sad this can’t be done inside Renoise though :slight_smile:

or just use midi routing and choose destination
But only ONe destination can be selected per source

As gentleclockdevider said, there is one output per MIDI routing possible inside Renoise.
It’s more flexible when you use an external virtual MIDI lane.