Routing Problems

me and a friend tried to do a clever live-setup where we could cross-fade between 4 loops using 2 or 3 knobs on a midicontroller, but ran into some annying shortcomings with renoise or my renoise abilities.

Here is what we did:
Play 4 drumloops using 2 tracks, with a loop panned left and a loop panned right in each track, like this

 Track01 Track02  
00 | C-400 .. 00 C-401 .. 80 0900 | C-402 .. 00 C-403 .. 80 0900 |   
01 | C-400 .. 00 C-401 .. 80 0908 | C-402 .. 00 C-403 .. 80 0908 |   

Then add sends track01->s01, track02->s02, s01->s03 (left), s02->s03 (right) and setup knobs to control the panning of s01, s02 and s03. The idea is that the s01 knob fades between loops in track01, the s02 fades between loops in track02, and the s03 knob fades between between track01 and track02.

Here is the first problem - would be nice to control pan of s01 and s02 with the same knob. Is this possible? couldn’t figure it out…

Next one need to convert the panned s01 and s02 to mono (center) and then pan them left or right before sending them on. This should be possible with stereo expander set to mono, but instead of making the incoming stereo to mono it throws away one of the channels. Using an instance of digital fishphones blockfish in mono mode solved this, but is there a way to do this native in renoise?

After the blockfish gainers pans s01 way left and s02 way right. And a final blockfish is added in s03 to get sound in both speakers.

So in the end we managed to get a funny 3 fader setup that did the job, but I’d like it more with only 2 faders and no blockfishies.

Finally I wanted to try to control things with a virtual xy pad like toybear CC-Control, but couldnt manage to get renoise to listen to midi from VSTs. Is this possible?


Using a send device in s01 and s02 and route that to a new send-track allows you to control panning for both aforementioned send-channels.
You might get a better result with the stereo-expander on this send-channel as well, but never have tested this personally.

If you can make TobyBears plugin control Renosie from the outside (using a different host and MIDI Yoke) , you can do this. Internal MIDI routing is currently not supported in this manner.

I tried but if I send panned sound to a send and use stereo expander to get mono I get no sound if the panning is left…

Ok, too bad, would be nice.

Any guesses on midi mapping 2 parameters to the same controller?

Ok, using midi-ox one CC can be routed to several CCs so one knob can control many parameters. And the TobyBear mini host was very handy for loading the CCcontrol. Thanks vV for feedback.

Still would be nice to be able to monofy a channel and to use vst sent midi and to control 2 things with one controller with out any additional software, shouldnt be too hard to implement, right?

This is a shortcoming of the dsp-stereo expander when in mono-mode. I use the vst-plugin monomaker, which does what you want to do, for this instead.

Cool, monomaker looks simple enough. Blockfish is also a compressor, which is good for this application beacuase it keeps the levels in check. But a single normal compressor on the last send can accomplish that also…