Routing Sample In Instrument

Hi. New to renoise. Enjoying it loads though. Really reminds me of the old days of hardware sequencing.

Done a few searches but nothing came back quite what i wanted.

I appreciate i could just load an instance of battery/kontakt and use that for this but wanted to know if it was possible natively within renoise.

I want to route a single/multiple sample(s) from within an ‘instrument’ to a different track in the mixer. Is this possible in renoise?

Thanks in advance


Hi there! You need to use a multi-out VST instrument to route a particular output to a specific track. However, samples are different, they can freely be placed anywhere you like, except the master track & send tracks.

Hi danoise.

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

Yeah, i figured that’d be what i’d end up doing. Just wanted to see if it was possible to achive from a ‘renoise built instrument’


Just figured out that this is, in fact entirely possible.

All you need to do is to sequence whatever hits you want in a different channel, in a different channel ;)

So i have my main Drum channel playing a drumkit instrument built on the fly, this channel has all its sends & insert effects all set up. But I want my snare to have different treatment. Easy, I just open another channel in the pattern editor and play the snare in that channel instead, then in the mixer I can treat it entirely differently from the rest of the kit.

Now that, is fucking cool.

More and more I love this sequencer.


You can also fix audio outputs to specific tracks, in this case if you accidentally trigger your snare in the wrong track, it will still be played in the assigned track. However this is a bit hard debugging when you cannot instantly see where you snare actually gets triggered.