routing tools context menu options


I am too lazy to do the following in lua, since there is no object oriented renoise track / fx / routing api :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be nice if there where the following options in the context menus of a track:

1. “insert bus” (on a send / master track)

Inserts a pre-send-track and fixes all routings automatically. for example u select it on the master track, now a new “pre-master” send track will be created, all tracks which were routing to master will be fixed to route into pre-master track instead.

2. “insertmultibandbus” (on a send / master track)

Similar to No.1, except a multisend device construction is created, so 4 pre-master send tracks are created: “pre-master band splitter”, “pre-master low”, “pre-master mid”, “pre-master high”

3. “create bus from this fx position” (on send or normal track)

Moves all fx from selected fx position and after that to a send track and auto setups / fixes routings.

4.“create bus for this fx” (on send or normal track)

Puts the selected fx into a send track and auto setups / fixes routings, so a “add dry/wet amount”.