Routing Vst Through Sample Slot


A cool feature to have would be, for me, the possibility to route a VST instrument thru a sample slot. Meaning that the VST would just be a dynamic sample as opposed to the normal static one. This would allow me to apply all the sound-shaping effects I can apply to sample instruments now, like instrument envelopes, vibrato etc.

While I’m at it, an extra feature would be to be able to switch between static and dynamic for an instrument with a VST source, dynamic being the ‘normal’ dynamically generated sound, but static would be a rendering of multiple notes from the VST to a multisample. This would have the following benefits:

  • performance; I can use the static multisample whenever I am not working on the intrument, and switch to the dynamic if I want to change the sound
  • portability; I might choose to spread my .RNS with only static samples, some of which are actually rendered from a VST. So no need to supply VST plugins with it.

I realize that a rendered multisample doesn’t p.d. sound the same as the VST, but how it sounds will be my own responsibilty ;)

I wonder if it’s possible or wether it is too far fetched.