Row (column) racks and relative width with viewbuilder

As far as I understand Renoise won’t do anything if you specify relative widths (i.e. width = “20%”) with row or column racks(?) If that is the case would it be worth pointing this out in the viewbuilder documentation?

The other thing I’ll mention is if you use say a horizontal_aligner with each of the child relative widths summing > 100%. I’m not sure about how Renoise is handling that (or how difficult it is to handle) just in case it happens. For example this is a text field at 50% and a popup at 50%:


Seems good.
This is the text field at 20% and the popup at 80%:


Seems okay.

Finally (just in case it happens) will try something like 30% for the text field and 90% (120% total width) for the popup width: