Row Highlight with Mouse Over

I lately realized that i would find it much easier to select lines, if hoving over them would automatically highlight/select the line. With the way it’s right now, its just too hard to make out the line, if the row would automatically be highlighted, then you could simply check the the Row number on the left.

Also automatically selecting the different GUI elements by simply hovering over them (matrix, row editor, etc) like in Radium would be bliss.


I always keep off these 2 settings in Renoise preferences pattern editor ,it makes selecting and dragging easier for me it could come in handy for you too

Screenshot from 2021-05-22 16-16-28

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Using the mouse cursor in the pattern editor is blasphemy :slight_smile:

why? it’s much faster than using the keyboard to select a row

For me it is ( page up, page down moves cursor with 16 steps )