Rowland 303

Classic one from Craiglist Seattle sent via JG:

"rowland 303 - $100
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Date: 2007-04-01, 9:01AM PDT

my boyfriend didnt come home last night (again) so i’m selling off his stuff
apparently this is some sort of synthesizer. he listens to that shitty techno music so maybe that will help you.

i’m so fucking mad at him right now that the first person here with some money gets it. or you can take me out to breakfast and have it. i dont care i just want to make him mad.

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Wow :smiley:

Rowland is making 303s now? … shit man, Roland isn’t gonna be happy about this.

I wish I could just go take her out for breakfast and steal this guy’s 303 hehehe

but if you think about… the girl is really a bitch and that guy probably has something nice in him since he uses a roland 303, I would probably just try to tell the guy what’s going on.

whoever he is, if you sell it…he will kill you…
Im willing to buy it tho…

EDIT: just noticed…its from 2007…so depressed.

I’d buy her. Then take the 303 out for breakfast.

Could I just take the TB, give it back to the guy, and not have to deal with such a horrible human being? Seriously, that’s terrible and inexcusable. :(

I had an ex who did something similar to me a few years back. I lost an M-Audio Delta 1010LT, a 61 key Radium controller, a PC I had just built, and a brand new legit copy of Reaktor. I can’t imagine the rage I’d feel over losing something like a 303. :angry:

May i ask, what did you do to deserve that? :o Im just glad none of my failures has ever deleted any of my tunes yet. I do not consider myself a very violent person but i could probably commit murder if someone deleted all of my tunes, the original xm’s, mods,rns and xrns’ses!

I don’t think I did deserve it, but I wasn’t a good to her as I could have been. I didn’t fuck any of her friends, steal from her, or lay hands on her… but I could have been more, “supportive”, for lack of a better word.

I guess she was hitting the only spot she knew would hurt me.

Lets make a love lost forum

Why would you guys even want this 303? It’s a ROWLAND!!! It’s pretty obvious it’s a cheap knockoff!

I’d buy it just to smash it. If I hear one more squeelching 303 sound I’m gonna snap :P Same goes for the 909.

here ya go ;)


I like the sound, but can we have a forum to organize flashmobs to throw rotten vegetables at people making the oh face while tweaking a single knob, in public even? :lol:

For real :smiley: Nah I kid, The 303 holds it’s place but I was fucking 18 when the raves really hit and all of my friends got way into techno.

I always preferred music with a little more soul, live instruments. And I swear to god I’ve already heard everything the 303 can do, used it a lot myself about 10 years ago.

If it disappeared tommorow and I never heard one again, I wouldn’t get butthurt over it. :stuck_out_tongue: But I know that’s just me, put the knives down :smiley:

:panic: :angry:

I have a TB-303 myself, bought it about 10 years ago. Was hooked on the sound since my first acid party (late eighties - yes I’m old).

I have not heard everything it can do. Not by a long shot, because when I program a new riff and tweaks the knobs, set the waveform… it is always new to me.

The piano has been around for centuries, the sound is known to everyone, still… even the same piece performed by different pianists is fresh and new.

Garbage in, garbage out…