'Roy de Rats' Music Masterings

Dear Renoisers,

In the frame of my sound engineer activity – and being an electronic music maker myself – I’d like to begin something I’ve been thinking about for some time now : doing masterings for the kind of music I’m interested in! Since about two years and a half ago, I started a recording studio with two friends. We studied sound engineering together and wanted to launch our own project, do the things the way we like (with a DIY approach to put it simply).

Back to this mastering project, here’s what I propose : you send me a first track, on which I work for a free “taster” mastered version (with say 80% of the job done : I can’t get as far as I would if I had the whole context of the album or EP of course). This is both the occasion for me to get familiar with your music and for you to get an idea of my work. The goal of this first step is obviously to introduce the actual mastering of your Album / EP / etc…

Regarding prices, I’d like to begin this with the name-your-price approach. I have six years of experience with recording and mixing but I’m starting with those electronic music masterings so I don’t want to propose prices following the “official ones”, but rather let you estimate how much you want to pay. Of course you can check prices online and I’ll inform you on the amount of time I spent on your music anyway. I hope it can work well this way, would be great to be able keeping my offer as name-your-price!

Okey, you might want to have a look at the page of that studio I founded with my mates : Roy de Rats Recording Studio. There are some pics and equipment list which can give you an idea about how we work. As soon as I finish my firsts mastering works I’ll upload some stuff online for showcase ; I know it’s hard right now for you to know if you want to work with me since I have no references yet but don’t hesitate to use my free taster offer for that!

You can write at the following e-mail adress : antape.music(at)gmail.com

or here in this thread in case you have some questions


Antape @ Roy de Rats