Röyksopp - Tricky Tricky (easily Embarrassed Remix)

Hey guys,

We’ve submitted a remix for the Röyksopp Contest. You can check it at the link below:


Feel free to comment :)

very nice! (=

is that the girl from the knife singing btw?


Yup, that’s her ;)

heya nick… i love how you set the mood here… very nice buildup… dreamy…

ambiaaaaaaaaaaaaance! funky too, just letting you know, sell out and send your tracks to loads of groups, then you will win…

wow, that beat is super rad. I like that you ended up swinging the beat some. never would have thought to take it there.

good work.

btw: what did you use to pull the vocals out of the original track? I’ve never gotten that clean of vocals with my software…

very good track. like it!

Thanks for all the sweet comments guys!

They supplied separate tracks of their original mix on soundcloud for the contest they were running. Deadline has already passed though (5 October)

Found some really great remixed tracks among the submissions!