Rpg - The Renoise Phrase Generator

(Icarus) #121

Thank you, I try.

Touche. :)
You mac users always had the advantage in text to speech, Ill give you that.

Yup. in the internet world “location location” is translated to “marketing marketing”

(head034) #122

Is there any possible way to download the videos onto a hard drive…for offline viewing???

(Icarus) #123

Of course.
I have set it so my friends can download it.
You just need to join Viddler, and add me as a friend, and you can download.
Third tutorial is coming up soon.

(Icarus) #124

Tutorial 3 is up on the page.
Discussing the Duplicate buttons, the Fx and Ex panning commands, the Base Octave, Transpose and Split Keyboard.

(Transcender) #125

Ah, sorry I missed to give you feedback. Yes, it works as expected. It’s a really great feature since now we can create a melody in Renoise and let RPG render variations of that melody. Again, thanks for adding it. :)

(Icarus) #126

Good to hear.

(Icarus) #127

Video Tutorials 4 and 5 are up on the page.

Tutorial 4 - Step Sequencer
Discussing the Fixed Note buttons and the Same Positions button

Tutorial 5 - Multiple Instruments
Discussing the Multiple Instruments feature and Same Instruments button

The loops in the beginning and end of each tutorial were created with the same instruments and technique described in the tutorial itself.

Hope you enjoy.

(pilot7) #128

hello my savior… ;)

thx for the cool tuts. i was wondering, could you make it a option to run RPG with multiple instances ?

(Icarus) #129


Why would you want multiple instances?
Why not just save presets, and move between them?
Ctrl+S saves silently (without the Save As dialog)

(Icarus) #130

Video Tutorial 6 is up on the page.

Tutorial 6 - Multi-Track Stretch
Discussing the Multiple Tracks feature, and the Stretch Phrase feature.

(Icarus) #131

Version 0.62 is released.

  • Fixed: When using the mouse wheel on a Fixed Note control, the LastSelectedNote was not remembered.

(a2n3d7y) #132

We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Thank you for all the work Icarus.

(Icarus) #133

You are very much welcome my poet friend.
This is the nice of you to say.

(Although I hope you DO forgive me if there are bugs… :) )

(AVB) #134

btw awesome tutorial!

(Kyle) #135

You, sir, are a genious :D
Fantastic work!

Thanks x1000

(Icarus) #136

Hey thanks!
Glad you like it.

(Icarus) #137

Hello fellow renoise users (and hopefully, RPG users, but if not - dont worry, hope is not gone yet…)

A few of you hinted in the past that you may want to see scales and chords implemented inside RPG.
I was thinking about how to do it on occasions, but it never really hit me.

A couple of nights ago, I bumped into Suva’s terrific Scale Finder (which is also neatly coded), and I got the final push that I needed.

So, the next RPG release, will contain an additional set of control, that will populate the RPG keyboards with notes from a selected scale and/or chord.

Here is a preview screen - hopefully, self explanatory enough:

Now, since I do not consider myself fluent in the theory of music, I would like to have a second opinion before I release this to the public.

So, if any of you are interested in testing a pre-release, please PM me, or (preferred) email me - my email address is in the RPG help file.

(Icarus) #138

Tutorial 7 - Scales and Chords is up on the RPG page
It shows how the new Scales and Chords controls work.

I have not yet released the new version - I would still prefer to have someone play with it a little before I do.
Just to see if it behaves as expected and if the scales and chords look as if they make sense.

(Djeroek) #139

that is looking sweet Icarus, when will the new version be online?

(Icarus) #140

As soon as someone is willing to invest 10-15 minutes in taking a look at it…