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(Icarus) #141

RPG Sessions - Gypsy Guitar

I have decided to create a new category for the RPG videos, called RPG Sessions.
This is just a formal name to “Me fooling around with RPG”… :)

So, the first video is up on the page - improvising some easy listening guitar tune with the new Scales/Chords feature.

(Transcender) #142

I’ve been so busy lately that I missed this thread’s updates. Of course I’ll take a look at it if you want.

(Icarus) #143

Hey Transcender - good to see you.
PMing in a sec.

(Icarus) #144

Version 0.70 is released:

  • Added: Scales and Chords controls, to generate random phrases based on scales and/or chords (thanks Suva).
  • Changed: Icon.

Thanks Transcender for the preliminary test, and thanks 7kilo for willing to help.
There are three videos on the site that show the new feature in action, here are direct links for your convenience:

Please report any problems you find with the new features (or otherwise).
Hope you like it.

(a2n3d7y) #145

Link is still 0.62.
But can’t wait to try 0.70!



had to refresh i guess. my bad.

thank you icarus!

(Djeroek) #146

Program works hit & miss on my xp pro set up, more miss then hit actually as pressing ‘generate’, 9 times out of 10, doesn’t generate any content in renoise! :frowning:

Pressing ‘generate’ does something in Renoise, you can see the cursor ‘flashing’ , but really nothing is happening on the note generating front. I can scroll through RPG’s presets and try to generate them and then one time it works, most other times not. I don’t see what is causing this behavior…of course I’d like to have it work all the time :slight_smile:

If rpg is working with everyone else I’d like to know what is causing this. Maybe it has something to do with keyboard rate settings?

My keyboard repeat rate in Renoises preferences is set at 20. Mouse repeat rate for both click sides 60.

edit: I tried the 0.70 update

(Icarus) #147


RPG had this problem in early releases, but I havent heard of this issue for a long time.
If anyone else is experiencing it, please let me know.

I have tried it with your key/mouse rate settings, and it works fine here.

So, can you confirm this checklist?
Your PC is not too overloaded

Then try to generate by either clicking (mouse) the generate button, or just pressing Enter.

On slower computers (or busy computers) the “alt tabbing” between Renose and RPG may take longer than RPG is waiting, although I am waiting for Renoise to be in focus before doing any pasting.

Let me know if this changes anything. If it still misses, I may be able to add a configuration in the INI to allow you to control the delay times that take place in this pasting process.

This is the logic of the pasting process:

If Renoise is found running  
 Focus Renoise  
 Wait for Renoise to get focused for up to 2 seconds  
 If( Renoise successfully focused ) {  
 Release the Ctrl key (in cases where Ctrl+W was used and Ctrl is still held down)  
 If( PasteAtHome is on ) {  
 Send Keypress "Home"  
 Send Keypress Ctrl+V  
; Go back to RPG  
 If( FocusAfterPaste in INI is on ) {  
 Sleep 200 milliseconds  
 Focus RPG  

Yeah - I uploaded before posting here :)

(Djeroek) #148

Ok , I’ve figured out what causes this! It’s the diskop! If you have a huge song directory open while trying to generate notes with icarus, every time you press ‘generate’, Renoise also rescans the hd for songs!

With ‘huge’ folders this can take quite a while, causing no notes being paste in. Setting the view to the scopes resolves the problem and everything works fine :slight_smile:

Hopefully Renoise will get a smarter diskop system in the future that doesn’t suck that much with large folders.

(Icarus) #149

Oh - sounds right.
I am assuming it works like the Sample and Instruments folder - when you alt tab away and back to Renoise, it rescans to look for new files.

I also feel that disk operations in 1.9.1 is worse than 1.9.0, but maybe its just a feeling.

But also regardless of Renoise, maybe its not a bad idea for you to categorize your songs into smaller folders?

Anyways - thanks for reporting back.

(Djeroek) #150

You’re right to a certain degree, but I feel Renoise should be able to handle the amount easily, it is not like I have thousands of songs! I heard renoise scans the songs for samples as well when initializing a folder, which probably is the main culprit for the delay.

Scrolling through sample folders in Renoise can also be tedious and slow, why is Fl studio or Wavelab much quicker in browsing?

(Icarus) #151

Version 0.71 is up:

  • Fixed: Bug in Fx/Ex commands - when configuration file indicated values higher than 9, RPG did not convert it to hex.
  • Changed: Default configuration - values for Fx/Ex are now 3-12 (instead of 3-6) to fit the new default 12 ticks per line in Renoise 2.0.

(Djeroek) #152


(Icarus) #153

Version 0.72 is up.

  • Fixed: Clipboard sometimes contained older information. Was noticeable when switching between different track counts. Fixed by waiting an extra half a second between the XmlToClipboard function and the PasteInRenoise function.

(Kyle) #154

Excellent, Icarus :)
Listen, would it be possible to download the video tutorials?
Reason I ask is I’m on a rather slow computer with a slow connection, so it would be convenient to view them off-line.

Anyways, keep up the great work! :D

(Mundain Monstre) #155

is there any way for this to work in linux?

(Icarus) #156

Yes there is.
Just open an account on Viddler and add me as a friend. Then you will see a download link for all videos, downloading the original XviD videos (better quality than what you see on the site)

Not that I am aware of… sorry.

(Bungle) #157

Yeah tried in wine and its a no go i’m afraid :(


(Mundain Monstre) #158


(Icarus) #159

I do not have anything but a Windows machine here, but I will ask around to see if there is anything I can do differently in the code for it to work in Wine.

(Kyle) #160

Awesome! Will do :D