Rpm Challenge 2K11 Anyone?

For those who are not familiar with it, RPM is a “competition” in wich the rule is to make an album during the month of february and then, share.

It’s been 2 years now I wanted to do it but never finished something, this year is the right one and it will be - abstract chip-hop -.

Probably some of you will participate?

/me runs and hides from Hunz…


Do iiiiit!

All signs point to yes.

I’m going to give it a go this year. No idea what will come out of it - an album worth of music hopefully. :) Should be good!

I was just about to post the same question just before I saw this.

I’ll be doing it.

F*ck it, I’m in.

I find it the more I learn about composition and production, the less I produce. Everything I start ends in a 10 second piece of anything. This time I’m going to finish, and not one, but 10 tracks.

You’d better believe it, 'cause I barely can.

I’ll try I guess… No idea at all in mind, but God will help me.

It started for almost everybody! Good luck all, and don’t forget to share what you did here !

@mr_mark_dollin: You did a wonderful work with Hunz, I didn’t notice it was made for the rpm!

As sad as it is, I’m kinda glad I’m not the only one hit by this. It’s the same over here. The deeper I dive into all the technical things, the fewer tracks I get done.

I decided to try this out too. Here is my blog post about this in RPM blogs: http://goo.gl/wlFkr

I’ve got like 5 song sketches that I could flesh out into proper songs during the month of February, but is that considered cheating? Should I start from absolute scratch?

Not exactly cheating. The tracks must be previously unreleased.

There are no actual rules on there, you do what your conscience allows you.

Then I’ll give it a go!

Few days left, are you still in the game ?

Ok I feel bad, it’s a big fail for me once again, I started almost 3 radically different projects during this month (ambiant, hip hop, experimental noise), few tracks for each ones, but after re-listening and re-re-listening I didn’t find enough motivation to finish one them. That’s always the same story for me, I started a lot of things, I really believe some of them are good, but I never finish something…
I’m drunk.

I failed too.

Thanks mate ;) It was super pressure at the time, but definitely really enjoyable and a deep learning experience. Teamwork, when nurtured, really works well in these situations. Maybe something to think about if any of you are doing RPM next year. :D