Rtas Support

I was wondering if RTAS plugins support would be a great feature? Is it doable or are there license issues?


any hints where to look for specification / SKDs / APIs ?


I think you can request it here…


I’ve heard that it is very hard to get the SDK and tried to see if there is an API description somwhere on the net , no luck yet. But I’ll post it here if I find it…

So, how’s the luck on finding it? :P

And is there any urge of people who would like to see RTAS implemented anyway?

And Although the subtitle of this thread says “Protools plugins in Renoise?”, there are actually more developers creating RTAS plugins not just for Protools.

See http://is.gd/5WRtDt or http://is.gd/wx1bdW

Nopes, RTA’s are widely created, but i think VST plugins are winning the war here. AFAI installed plugins, i always ignored the RTA version.
I don’t see any specific advantage of an RTA plugin above the VST variant. The only nice thing of having this support would be to allow support of plugins that don’t have a VST or AU variant.
I’m wondering how many there are and how worthwhile it is to insert the time-effort for this support or in other words:Is there a better VST alternative for the RTA plugin itself?

Exactly the question I had in my mind. But the fact that this thread was ‘dead’ for so long actually answered that question already. :wink:

I’ve never seen any program other than Pro Tools that could run RTAS (if there is any - show me). I think Digidesign isn’t interested in allowing other producers to use their technology. Also, from what I see, pretty much every decent plugin out there is also available in other standards.

In the end I believe implementing RTAS is neither useful nor possible.