[RTFM] Autosave

i managed to just crash renoise

forgot to save, and lost lots of hard work i’m very annoyed and upset, it just froze, then exit by its self :o :angry: :badteeth: :(

There already is an Autosave, you should have turned it on… :badteeth:

Preferences -> Misc -> Backup

also, your module should have been saved at something like(Windows):

c:\ documents and settings \ yourusername \ application data \ renoise \ renoiseversion \ crashbackups  

Ouch. What have you done before it crashed? Can you remember this?

Was a crashbackup saved? If Renoise crashes, it should at least /try/ to save one. If not, a VST might be invloved into this and maybe forced Renoise to shut down (thats the only way to bypass the crashbackup mechanism - except a driver forces the computer to reboot).

So any details about what happened/you did before are important to find out what caused this…

and autosave when it s not already saved as? like untitled16-07-2007.xrns

kk should of rtfm :D but pffft, it was that wretched ‘dub siren’ vsti, simple siren generator, wasn’t even twiddling the knobs that fast, the renoise just froze and closed down,

so watch out! if you use that vsti!

edit: looked into that directory and couldn’t rescue it! :(