Ruffneckk !

Yay… my first housey track since years… But i couldnt stick to the 4/4 kick hihat concept for long… resulting in this Dance/House/Breakbeat track with a Jamaican taste.

Click on th pic ----^

Nice production here Kcirr3d, I think the vocals could be a little louder and the bass is a bit smooth for my taste in this style, would have liked a bit of high resonance filtering or distortion occasionally (just IMO). Good mix of sounds though and nice variation throughout with the breakdown and mashing of other vocal samples later!

Good work,

Keep it up!

i like it! i think the buildup near about 3:15 - 3:30 was great but it could have been drawn out a little more and give a lot more excitement to the track. i think saving the kick drum for AFTER the buildup instead of during it would have helped a lot. i feel like this part had a lot of potential. also the snare on the 2 and 4 beats of each measure is panned pretty far to the right, maybe should be closer to the middle since the snare/clap is an integral part of house/dance style

very awesome though, and i think the bass sounds GREAT

Thanx for the feedback, very much apreciated… Also glad you enjoyed it.

This was actually on my 4km long to-do-before-releasing list :P . But i decided not to put a moog/res filter on it cuz it affected the overall sound of the bass too much, even when off… Guess i was a little lazy to fix little that problem.

I needed more exciting vocal (male) yells/screams there on the background…especially on the 1 count, but couldnt find any that would fit. :( if i can get my hands on those samples i’ll definatly add them.

A fault i noticed after rendering to wav. Probably forgot a panning effect somewhere in the effect column. :P

why not make some? :D

Well… I could jump from a plane with a parachute and record my screams :D

how can you produce your songs so fast? i mean whenever i look this song forum there is some new song by you… :blink:


I made a B00MBoum remaster of the song in Cool Edit Pro… could anyone comment on this… cuz i’m planning to leave this version as ‘finished’.

Improved: Massive boomy punch plus Massive air+wideness+stereo

ps the original is offline so you cant compare the two versions… thx!

Direct download

Sounds better as far as memory serves! Bass sounds less smooth (don`t now tell me you did nothing with it :) ) I think the attack of it could be brought forward a bit though. If it as at minimum attack then you could maybe try Voxengos audio delay to push other tracks back a bit via sends.

Stereo image sounds good and polished!

Still think the vocals could be a little louder,

Nice work though

oK THX :)
Yeah indeed i did something to the bass. Tried to make it less smooth, not much though cuz I seemed to have used the wrong filter, making it all loud and out of place.

The original stereo-image was a mess, tried to remove some errors. Man i have to learn to work less messy in ReNoise.