Ruler In Sample Editor

this is a tiny suggestion that would take like 3 lines of code or something.

have a ruler, in the format of sample offset (09xx) and/or time. would make things much easier IMHO.


Or a special button: you set cusror to sample position (previosly set pattern to needed position), you press it, and 09xx command with corresponding data appears at effect column!

Or both?

Both are great ideas that have my full support (although I don’t believe for a second that is 3 lines of code :))

for ( i = 0; i < 256; i++ ) {  
x = round ( ( widthOfSampleEditorWindow / 256 ) * i );  
drawLine ( x, topOfSampleEditorWindow, x, bottomOfSampleEditorWindow );  

Kinda :P

You’re cheating, that’s 4 lines!! :P

Besides you forgot to draw the time and 9xx :D

And forgot the zoomlevel and scrollingpos.

i was thinking about this again, and it would also be great to have a ruler showing beats. this would obviously be coordinated with the sample pitching and would be amazing for looping samples. along with the sample offset and time rulers this would give you complete oversight and control over your audio. you could also collapse or hide these if you wanted.

i think an offset position ruler would fulfill the beat ruler bit. 0910 is 1/16. you just have to math it up! B)

uhhhh, doesn’t this already happen?