Run Man Run By PanosK

I saw a video of a police officer killing a young boy and it really shocked me.I mostly avoid viewing such videos i dont know why i made an exception .So i dedicate this track to him and his family


How about adding some more reverb and delay to the violins?

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You are probably right but i am kinda lazy when it comes to arranging and mixing.I tend to move quickly from one project to another but thanks for the feedback

a wiser man than I told me once, “you know when a piece of music is done if it stops getting better when you work on it.”

keep working on it until it stop getting better, and you’ll improve a lot within each project



Nice somber tune with a good selection of sounds, did you use any Arturia instruments?
I like the violins in the beginning and together with the bass but I would have cut them off when the drums begin and maybe used a piano?

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I will keep that in mind thanks for checking out

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All tracks besides the drums where i used Air Music Boom drum machine have the u-he hive synth.Thanks for listening

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The newest police video from the US as ALWAYS? There’s no other country in the world with that much massacres, shootings and violence in general than the US. It’s not shocking, it’s common life within the US, especially as a non white person. Maybe only countries like Afghanistan can keep up with the US in terms of violence. I’m glad that I don’t have to live there. But I think that I have to return one day to meet an old friend before he dies and to visit my former home. I’m pretty sure it changed dramatically. But not as dramatically as Europe. Years ago I’ve seen a video from the IS burning a captured pilot alive. It’s very likely that most of them are in Europe now since years…

I can see your point. Mixing and mastering takes some time and it kills creativity, because it’s very technical, almost like science. But if you do so your songs will sound much better and you will have more joy listening to them in future. You don’t need to measure everything out, you just have to make a mono mix and avoid clipping at least. Same in terms of the arrangement, which is even more important than mixing and mastering. I think the song would benefit from that. The bass is a bit weak and the kick could kick harder. You also could cut some frequencies, it seems that all of the percussions do also still have some lower frequencies, which keeps the bass low and the mix muddy. But besides of that I like your arrangement and the song. I like how you’ve set the hihats, it has a good groove. I also like the “asymmetrical” things happening from 1:00 to 1:26, and all instruments fit together. Your songs are good, and with a little bit more effort primarely mixing wise they would even become better. Try it, it’s not that hard! If someone like me can do it, you can do it, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s done when it’s done! :wink:

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