Runnig Ft2 On Laptops

I have one of these laptops with VIA AC97 soundcard.

I made a ms-dos boot diskette with mouse driver and ft2.

The program sound bad using Soundblaster settings cause usually these AC97 cards only support SBpro emulation (22050 stereo).
Anyway I switched to PC SPeaker output,… and great!!!.. U can get 44100 mono sound with small background noise…

Anyone had experiences running FT2 natively on a laptop? (without DOsbox)

Exist any laptop with native Soundblaster16 emulation? (all these ac97 works usually as sbpro

not possible with that ac97 soundchip, believe me i know, but

check out my new old cute ft2 laptop i recently bought via ebay

Toshiba Libretto 110CT

300€ i got this lil devil with:
-266mhz intel pentium mmx
-64mb ram
-10gb hd
-800*480 widescreen :D
-portable cd-rom & diskdrive
-wlan & lan pcmcia cards
-docking station
-mouse, xtra batteries + some xtra crap

check out that size, hardly bigger than vhs cassette!

and oh joy, it´s soooooooo cool!! recom!
all three thumbz up


hahah! dude, that’s awesome!

You get an A+++ from me.

Cooool! :yeah: :D

Hey Robert… thats amazing :)

What sound output are you using for FT2? Pcspeaker or SB (44000stereo)?

That laptop have a soundblaster 16 or its only a SBpro compatible soundcard?

Libretto’s are awesome. My friend had one a few years ago and we ran FT2 on it as well :P

His had an SB-16 I believe, or at least an SB-16 compatible of some kind.

They’re definitely a cool alternative to a Gameboy or something when you’re travelling for a few hours, hehe.

afaik, 95/98 still run on top of dos, so ft2 would be native, no?

I you can run FT2 on win95/98 cause these OS runs under MS-dos.

If You are not able to run FT2 under windows, u only need boot from a ms-dos boot diskette ( and load a ms-dos mouse driver like cutemouse (

PLz test FT2 and let me know it you can set Ft2 running on SB16 mode (44000 and stereo)

This little laptop is like a dream :)


can you take close-up photos of your Libretto screen running FT2 plz?
I want to check the FT2 font size expecially the one used for tracker effects (1xx, 2xx, 3xx… etc).

Dont knowif will be posible read FT2 comands properly or we will need glasses? B)

1:1, from looking at ~70cm away

normal view:

display stretch on:

screen is really sharp unlike in those pictures. it got blurry cos i resize those pics to real size so you can get that idea of scale.

that sound chip YAMAHA OPL3-SAx is totally sb16 compatible so ft runs on sb16 mode…lil annoying thing is that tracking with headphones, i have to turn amplifier & volume on ft to max which causes that noises from HD will also amplified…but there is no such a problems if you use external amp.

peace, rob

Hey Robert :slight_smile: … those pics are great… I can read perfectly from the tracker screen the volumen numbers and effects commands :dribble:

Also if you say that YAMAHA OPL3-SAx chip is totally sb16 compatible (44100 stereo)… WOW Im ready to get a libretto :lol:

Thanks for your help Robert :)

Good tracking…

totally sb16 compatible but in stereo mode you get only 22050hz mixing…and sample recording doesn´t work :´( sobsob

peace, out, robert

What you’re describing is not SB16 compatible. This is the behaviour of the legacy mode in PCI SoundBlasters and AC’97 etc stuff which AFAIK tries to emulate SoundBlaster Pro. Total SB16 compatibility would result in 44100kHz stereo playback.