Running Renoise From USB stick

I tried to search this on the forum, but it didn’t bring anything up. Sorry if this is a repost…

So, I was a bit bored at work and decided to do a bit of experimenting.

I installed Renoise 2.0 b5 on my ipod and it works fine.

Great! Anyone else running Renoise from a USB device / ipod / music player etc?

you put linux on your ipod?

Is it actually usable?

Totally 100% useable.

It means that I can use Renoise on any computer at work which I dont have admin rights to (also, I can use it in Internet cafes / on computers I dont want to install things on etc)

I am just using the Windows version, as I dont have access to a Mac, so if anyone does, maybe they can try it too.

I got the idea to do it after installing Reaper on my ipod (which works fine too)

I dont have Linux on my ipod yet, but I will be installing it when I check out a safe way to make a partition. Apparently it can be a bit dodgy on an ipod.


I encountered a problem…

When you customize anything in Renoise, the custom data is stored in C:Documents and Settings/user/application data/renoise/v2.00/

Is there any way to change this so the data is stored in the actual Renoise folder on my ipod (and therefor making it completely self contained.

It IS usable without doing this, as an application, but it means that I have to use default settings each time I fire it up and can not customize anything.

why couldn’t you just say you were running it off a USB stick.

Wouldn’t it be possible to start Renoise via a small shell script that copied the config files from the “c:” location to the nano when renoise exits, and when the shell script starts it copies the config files from the nano to the “c:” location (if any configfiles exists on the nano that is, might be first start)

Portable Renoise! Yeah!

Why couldn’t you just post something constructive. An ipod nano is not a USB stick. I know you are trying to be cocky, so whatever.

That would be good. It would be a lot easier if the whole thing was self contained though. I am not sure why Renoise copies the config stuff to c:documents and settings. I guess it makes it easier when installing updates; Renoise can use the previous versions config, thus not annoying users. Would make it portable if it was in the Renoise directory though…

I guess the main reason having it in document and settings is to let different users have different configurations, might also be a permission thing, a “user” in vista aren’t allowed to write/change stuff in program’s folder if i remember it correctly

Yeah totally.

I just want the chance to have it all self contained so I can run it off my ipod!


Your topic title is somewhat misleading… it kinda implies you’re running it on your nano… portably… without a computer

It is not misleading.

“Running Renoise from an ipod nano”

Nothing misleading about that.

If I had said “Running Renoise on an ipod nano”, that would be misleading.

Not meaning to be rude, but this forum does suffer considerably from broken English syndrome.

Anyway, back on topic… can anyone suggest a way I can get this to work?

The solution you want seem to be available only by Taktik

You can write simple BAT file that copies out the config and copies it back later. Shouldn’t be that hard

copy .\renoise_settings* "%HOMEPATH%/application data/renoise/v2.00/"  
".\renoise 2.0.0\renoise.exe"  
del "%HOMEPATH%/application data/renoise/v2.00/*"  

May need tweaking based on your config, also this isn’t tested, but it should work, as long as you run the script off the root of your flash drive. [e.g, e:/]

[edit]Also, hello everyone. First post here.

Damn, why didn’t I think of this before? Running Renoise straight outta a usb stick, that’s awesome!

Cool mate! Erm… how would actually go about getting this to work. I know next to nothing about coding…

copy .\renoise_settings* "%HOMEPATH%/application data/renoise/v2.00/"  
".\renoise 2.0.0\renoise.exe"  
copy "%HOMEPATH%/application data/renoise/v2.00/*" .\renoise_settings\  
del "%HOMEPATH%/application data/renoise/v2.00/*"  

Whoops, screwed a line up, typed this late at night.

Also, here’s how to use:
Copy the code into notepad.
Save the file as renoise.bat, and put it in your flashdrive’s root directory [i.e, put it in E:\ or F:\ or etc.].
Make sure that renoise is in .\renoise 2.0.0\
Run renoise.bat

It should start Renoise, and you should be able to keep your settings on the flash drive.

Thanks a lot!

So, do I need to run Renoise.bat everytime I want to run renoise, or do I only run it once?

everytime seems to me.