Running Renoise on a Chromebook - possible?

I’ve got xfce running as a chroot on my HP 14’ Chromebook. I can run Milkytracker just fine, but installing Renoise has defeated me. Can anybody, hopefully linux folks, offer me any insight?

oh no, istall ubuntu, run renoise :smiley:

For streamline linux experience I suggest to install that is configured to use jack and has real-time audio kernel (better latency). Its preconfigured and works out of the box with xfce.

I had no idea you could run it on a Chromebook! I just came to this thread to see all the “impossibles”, but I was surprised.

I just did a little search on ebay for the absolute cheapest new laptops I could find, just for giggles.

After sorting through dozens of android laptops, I stumbled across a few interesting things…

Like this this gateway from 2003 which is new old stock. Found several things like that. Very interesting.

Also this chromebook for only $115.

But I think the most intriguing thing is these Nextbook flexx convertables that supposedly run Windows 10. Would Renoise run on that? I get a weird convertable tablet that can also run Renoise!? This might be worth looking into :slight_smile:

I really like my chromebook: fast booting times, long battery life, full size keyboard, useful touchpad gestures.
A native chrome os support of renoise would be awesome, but’ll never happen.

installing Renoise has defeated me.

What does that mean, exactly?

Do you get error messages?

No error messages, but still Renoise does not run?

Renoise seems to run, but does something wrong?

Are you sure the Chromebook has an Intel CPU?