Running Renoise on FreeBSD. Possible?

has anybody managed to get renoise running under freebsd? I’m going to try it as soon as my new laptop arrives. I specifically ordered an IBM thinkpad t40 due to the fact that they make the defacto standard for hardware compatibility as far as open source os’s are concerned. I really want to get it running. I have been reading up on it quit a bit, and what it looks like to me is that if I enable bsd to run under a linux enabled kernal (and get it to open rpm files, get all the correct libraries installed etc.) I should be able to get it going. I found alsa support for freebsd. I understand that the default kernal isn’t optomized for audio latency and all that, but from what I have read the latency seems to be more of an issue with recording rather than playback. I’m not too worried about recording.

So if anybody had fooled around with this sort of thing and might now a thing or two, I would appreciate and comments, suggestions and knowledge. Especially any devs that could simply tell me if this might be something worth taking on or not for whatever reasons.

I would also like to know if there is a way to make a ditro after and if I get it to work so that it may be more easily installed for others…? I’m not too keen on whether or not my distro would be hardware dependent or what.

Sorry if this thread is in the wrong section, this just seemed to be the place where I might get the most appropriate responses from people interested in this sort of thing.

By the way hi everybody who might remember me! I haven’t been on here for a while. Cheers and thanks in advanced!

If you have linux “emulation” libraries, together with ALSA libraries installed you may be able to run the software. YMMV though. I have no experience with it, but try it out and let us know. :)

I wonder if emulation libraries will slow things down… all that translating.

Yeah, man FreeBSD would be nice.
It’s a sort of mystery to me, why Canonical choose to build the most popular commercial *nix flavour (ubuntu) on linux instead of FreeBSD which is WAY more smooth and rock solid.

Whomever I asked (among unix geeks) about ‘which linux to install’ they all gave me the same reply: install FreeBSD.

FreeBSD is not as supported as Linux is. Linux is the third major operating system in the world, not the FreeBSD.

Also, if you want advice on linux/unix or computers in general. NEVER EVER EVER EVER ask it from geeks. They are far too blinded by their own geekiness to give advice which is even remotely useful for your current problem in hand.