Running Renoise remotely (or running it more efficiently)


I’ve been using Renoise for some years now (since 2020) and absolutely love it.

I’m still running on the same laptop since 2020 however! In the beginning it was surprisingly sufficient (it’s an i5 laptop with only 4GB memory) but from 3.4.1 it seems to use more CPU on the CPU bar than before. No complaints, I realize a lot of improvements have been made which may be more taxing, and that’s just the way of tech.

I’m still not in the position to get a new laptop unfortunately. However, I do have a gaming PC set up in my lounge, which my family and I use to play Steam games. It’s a pretty powerful PC, so running Renoise on there with all my VST’s etc. will probably work pretty well.

However, since it’s set up in the lounge, it doesn’t really work for me. I’ve been wondering about running Renoise remotely when my family are not using the PC. That way I could use the mobility of my laptop, able to set up on my desk, or even at work, and use the power of the PC.

It’s kind of a tall order, I know, but I thought I would ask if anyone thinks it’s possible or if anyone has tried this.

The issue is INPUT. I record guitar parts, vocal parts through my audio interface. I record keys and synth parts using my midi keyboard. Obviously, I can’t seem to get it to input via my laptop remotely to Renoise on the PC. I can’t seem to figure out a way to do this, although I imagine it must be technically possible somehow.

Anyone got experience with this? Or at least got any tips to try run Renoise more efficiently? (The “freeze track” / render sample (have also tried SamRender) option in Renoise does not seem to really work to save CPU - in fact it sometimes makes it worse as the samples can be quite long).

Would appreciate any advice anyone has :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Maybe, “render VST to samples” option will help