Russian Renoise Competition 11

Hello fellowship renoisers!

We’ve had a competition recently in our VK.COM Renoise community.
7 tracks were written during the compo. Highly recommend to check them out ;)
By the way, all .xrns modules are avaliable in this archive:

Have a nice listen! :)

1. keiss - a chance meeting

2. lwpss - prism

3. Alex Blackout - Renoid

4. Cylindro - Vactus

5. rhan - warmorf cold

6. Merlando Cassato - 8

7. rhan - d blox

wow :rolleyes:

Cool stuff and nice effort everyone!

Nice to hear that :) Any other comments?

Hi lwpss! I love the tracks by you and Keiss. You guys really excel at building an atmosphere that just sucks the listener in. Congrats on the productions and hope to see much more from you in the future :)

Cyrex / Inque (

Thank you for such a nice words :)

Big up Guys!

I am grateful to you for your review! :D

Hi Jalex! Good to see you! ;)

Nice to hear that from you :D

Hey,can you fix url’s to this:

I know,i’m so sloooooooow:)) You can make it in the next year :rolleyes:/>/>

I realy liked cylindro - vactus

Vactus - one of those tunes that sound like they’ve been set in stone forever and Cylindro just came to swipe away all the debris and dust that covered it ever since the dawn of mankind.
love the coherence and sound design.
kudos !

oh and “prism” is just as awesome too.

you russians probably aren’t the best car drivers, but you sure do know your renoise ! :)

Well,yes,Vactus’s track had the highest ratings on a vote

Glad to know you like russian renoise music :D
I’ve learned a lot from your modules. In fact, bassline in “prism” is heavily inspired by “ride the lightning”.