Rx With Moving Slices

Rx in the Vol/Pan column re-triggers a sample from its current position. Applying this to a played slice (via key, not via Sxx) and moving the containing markers causes Renoise to constantly update the playback position, creating some interesting results.

Interesting. How would I sequence this?


Good question !

smc tool can automate start/end loop points, but not sure for slices

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That being said, there is one way that this can work, although the work is largely in the end user.

Using phrases and making your own slices in the audio, you can have a phrase sequencer select slices, and to randomize whether the slice plays or not, use the 0Y00 command with whatever percentage desired.

Then, apply the SMC Tool and LFOs or envelopes to add additional start/end/window sizes, pitch/panning/etc. I believe this technically should work, and is probably the most granular method available. It’s pretty random. I have not tested this, but I have tested each technique separately.

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The API allows markers to be moved around with:

renoise.song().instruments[].samples[]:move_slice_marker(old_marker_pos, new_marker_pos)

I figured there would be an existing tool to do this, but I can’t seem to find one. Might just have to build it.


@Achenar If you’re able to build this, would you be able to share it? It’d be really nice to add this as a Doofer to SMC Tool’s capabilities and save me time from entering data into a phrase (although I’ve made it a preset now) :smiley:

I keep begging for weird stuff, and this would be a way to get closer to the Cconfin form of granular synthesis - check out this video, and you’ll see the sample screen’s doing basically what your API’s would also create as a possiblity:

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I promise nothing, but I will investigate this matter to bring the movement of the slice to SMC. It would be a good way to launch a second version. I find it a very interesting feature.

As @Achenar points out, programming focuses on the move_slice_marker() function triggering from the note linked to the sample with the slice (only one).

But this will take time. Thank @Neuro_No_Neuro for his insistence on this matter.

I also appreciate the support received about the SMC tool. I really didn’t think there would be that many people interested. Some of yourselves are very rare! :sonriendo:



I’ve been begging and begging and begging. Please make this happen and please make it able to be modulated by LFOs, ENVs, etc.? Once this happens, holy cowballs…

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That’s why we need automatable sample start/loop/end.

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Watch the ‘window’ in the middle at 1:03. Can it do this? This is automatable start/end markers:

If it can do this, Renoise will become a user-friendly ‘microsound’, ‘lowercase’ music making powerhouse! I’m using it right now for this, and it does almost ALL of the stuff. If it can do what @Achenar is showing, and have these parameters modulated by various input sources… Hot damn! Glitch heaven. All that’ll be left is various granular delays to make fields of glitching pads and hum/drone sources. FM then? :smiley:

Hey @Achenar - is this polyphonic? What would happen if multiple notes were struck?

This isn’t that different from what @afta8 made with the Loop Control tool; you can automate the parameters set up there with macros. Polyphony works in this tool and you can test any other possibility yourself just by trying it out while moving slice markers manually.


Sounds exciting! Thank you for making this :smiley:

The big difference is that the start point is between the markers, and not from the beginning of the sample (at least this is what that looks like). A VERY big difference, and can pull a much different sort of sound. Loop Control tool is good, too, but is not as abstract as what you’ve made. It’s so different, that it would be like calling new age ambient the same musical style as boom-boom techno sex-hump music. Two different things :smiley:

I was more referring to the TheBellows, meaning that both tools have devices that can be automated with macros. The sound produced here has nothing to do with loops; it’s relying on the fact that the slice being played wants to constantly update itself to any changes. Normally it only cares about the starting marker, but the Rx makes it also respond to the end marker.

Where the loop actually makes a difference is when the playback reaches the end marker. ‘Forward’ just repeats from the start marker as usual, but ‘Backward’ and ‘Ping Pong’ actively fight against the retigger causing the last chunk to keep repeating. This gets interesting with a small enough slice to encapsulate that chunk, so that each repeat method will sound different.

The other thing is that instead of just leaving the loop size as the length of the slice, you can of course change its size within the slice itself… which just opens up a whole other world of possibilities.

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Man, you’re killing me! This is seriously something I’ve been begging for. I’ll be grateful to beta test in the Renoise environment only, if you need the help. I have no MIDI controllers, but ask @Raul, I’ll run it into the ground if needed.

@Achenar Any news on this beautiful device? Will I be able to pair it with @Raul 's SMC Tool? Any more demos? I’d love to hear this on say, an ambient sample. Would be nice to have another quick demo :smiley: Please?