S.P.Y - Dusty Fingers (Takao Remix) [Deep/Shallow House... whatever it

My entry into this remix competition. It’s a bit heavier than what i’ve been putting out recently but I hope you enjoy. Its based on votes and then the top 10 are judged by the label so anyone with soundcloud accounts, liking and reposting makes a huge difference!


Love this man! liked and reposted! Finally someone on the renoise forum making the same music as I’m making!
Mix is very bright!! What plugins are you using? :slight_smile:

You’ve got a new fan!

Thanks man, bright in a good way?? Bassline is layered with all sorts (tal bassline 101, z3ta+ and elek7ro) but for mix downs, dynamiceq by meldaproduction is great for getting nice high end and a lot of lo fi mat to get drums a bit crunchy and larger. Then Ozone 5 on the master.

Yeah not a lot of people making these sort of tracks which is a shame as renoise is great at it too.

Wow very powerful track! Maybe I tiny bit too much master compression or side chain ducking? Sounds very professional.

The bass sounds very good indeed.

Delicious bassline, groovy beat, refreshing vocal. Shortly, great mix!

Thanks very much for the kind words! Yeah I’m sidechaining almost everything here Jurek, so the effect is intentional but I think you maybe right that it’s a bit distracting. Especially on the hat/ride thing that i’m playing around with the decay on.

Great mix! :slight_smile:

awesome !

reminds of the better stuff by dusky !

btw. i also think a little bit less on the high-end would’ve come in handy for this one, besides that the mix/master is pretty top notch.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who like it on soundcloud! I came second in the contest :slight_smile:


Great vibe! I like the energy

Now available to buy :slight_smile: