In short, I have a DJ-software: Traktor. And I have 2 soundcards: My laptop’s onboard plus M-Audio Firewire Solo. Now, the problem is when I use the onboard card for monitoring (or pre-listening, whatever) I get a slight delay, resulting in bad beatmixing. This sucks. Now, I COULD download some ASIO-driver I found online that lets me set individual latencies on the two soundcards, but then Renoise won’t work. And that also sucks. So, what I was thinking; Why not use the S/PDIF out for master output and the “normal” out for monitoring, keeping it all on one soundcard! Yeah, fine idea. Only now I have to get hold of either active monitor-speakers with S/PDIF in or some other stationary solution. I want this system to be portable AND as cheap as possible, without killing the sound quality.


Who has any idea what solution I should go with that would be compatible with most any sound system out there (dj on the move, that’s me) AND have a reasonable price. Are there any S/PDIF-Phono-converters out there or something? A small box or maybe just some cable maybe?

Or should I just install/uninstall those damn drivers whenever I want to dj/produce music? Anyway, a helpful response would be nice. :)

If you can’t find a suitable converter you could always build one yuorself ;)


Guessing you have coaxial output?

Or more seriously it seems the M-Audio Flying Cow or Behringer SRC2496 are your best options, but neither are peanuts (well maybe they are to you ;))

Neither are peanuts, and neither are options. But thanx anyway. :P

I mean, I need the portability! Might as well just get hold of the Firewire Solo’s big brother 410, as it has the outputs I need. Just want to exploit my current sound card as good as I can, but if the solution is THIS expensive, well…

Drivers here I come!

Maybe you can find an old MiniDisc or DAT player that can do this. Actually I’m not sure it’s possible but worth a try if you have one lying around :)

Was wondering roughly the same thing. Have done similar using a digi beta or professinal dvcam recorder to conver sdi to composite video before, but have had to deal with that sort of thing less in audio.

From quickly glancing at the site with the project doesn’t look like it should work out too expensive? You got little or no knowledge in electronics? Let me look at it more when I’m back at work tonight. Gotta sleep through the day now ;)

Oh yeah. Why weren’t the other two options possible? What format is your output in? (coax, llt, optical)

I have no knowledge about electronics in that manner, and the options were not possible due to lack of economy. :) Might as well just get a new sound card…