renoise dev team,

i have myself a couple of roland DS-50A self powered studio monitors hooked up to the s/pdif out on my audiophile 24/96 soundcard.
when in ASIO mode i do NOT get any sound.

i solved this in cubase by setting input/output to s/pdif 3/4.
how do i solve it in renoise?


this is actually quite important to me. they were expensive speakers, and i really wanna find out if they are unuisable using renoise.

Yes, but its not really comfortable to change this manually for every song in every track. I guess we need something like a “masterout -> to which asio channel” setting in the audioconfigs, so that you could say that for example “OutputPair X” should always be used for the masterout and all others are used for secondary routing.

thanks a lot! this answered my question, and yes taktik, a master out would be nice so that i dont have to manually adjust everything in order to compose using my studiomonitors :)

take care! great work… renoise is like my unborn child. only better hehe…