S0X Behaviour

I guess this is not a bug, but an active choice since it doesn’t “work” in Renoise for some versions now (maybe all). I’m more wondering why a send track (S01 for example) doesn’t behave like other tracks (regular tracks)?

Specific example:

  • Add a #send on Track 1 to send to S01.
  • S01 has a couple of DSP’s in it. Let’s say a Delay and a Reverb.
  • Track 1 active and play on my keyboard I hear the DPS’s output on S01.
  • S01 active and play on my keyboard I don’t, but I hear the instrument (like having no DSP’s attached do the track).

Is there a setting I’ve missed or is this normal?

Sorry, I don’t know the correct terminology for what a S0x-track is called.

I suck at explaining stuff…

They’re called “Send Tracks”, hence the “Send Device”.

They do not support notes, which is why you can’t play any notes on them. This is the normal behaviour.