Sa: Visualize Effect Dry/wet

The Target Functionality:

-Compare your dry signal to your compressed signal…
-See how long and what shape of a reverb tail you’re adding…
-See where delays overlap the dry signal…

…without having to create a send track.

With the current dual track display capability, this wouldn’t really require any extra processing power as far as the spectrum analyzer is concerned (though it would incur some new parallel processing for effects that don’t currently have dry/wet, but no more than you would add setting it up manually with sends). To do this currently, you have to:

-Create a send track.
-Add a send device to the source track going to the send track you made.
-Copy the target effect and all following effects on that track to the send track.
-Mute the effect on the source track.
-Set the track displays to those two tracks.

And then for effects such as reverb and delay you only get to see dry vs dry + wet, instead of dry vs wet. To get dry vs wet you have to then:

-Create a second send track
-Send the first send track to the second send track.
-Mute the second send track.
-Unmute the effect on the source track.
-Set the track display to the source track and the second send track.

Let’s just go ahead and add something along the lines of an “Visualize Effect Dry/Wet” capability. You would use a modifier + click and/or a context menu option on a single effect to engage it, which would throw that effect’s dry signal into track display A and the wet signal into track display B. It would also visually indicate the currently visualized effect, perhaps by changing the text color of the effect. Selecting another effect with the same modifier/context menu option would switch it to that effect instead.

This would also go very well with this feature.