Made this over the weekend. Was a better diversion than homework.

Mixing still needs some work. Strings and such are a bit loud, but I messed up some of the EQs when I was trying to fix it…so it’ll take longer for the “perfect” version. More of a practice song than any for me, as I just learned about the glorious automation feature thanks to looking through Kaneel and Mushen’s great Unbelievable Attack of Les Horrible Bananas. :)

I released the new mix of it. Small changes to the song as well.

“Saboteur” - Burn the Medic

oooo, realy nice. i’m a sucker for the amen of course, but the melodies you have going with those wonderful delay-like trails and reverby background synth lines. i really really like the mood here. dark and almost warm at the same time. like a dark forest fog, though it feels nice to be lost within. likely not your intended imagery, but great work!

Thanks Mushen. :)

Yeah, that’s actually close to the original idea I had in my mind. It definitely involves the concept of being lost in something, though I was thinking more of a dream-like state. At the start, there’s some tune, but it’s disjointed and different things pieced together. Much like a dream is just random pieces of our day thrown together. This probably has something to do with the fact I was extremely sleep deprived when I made it.

Anyways, glad you enjoyed it. :)

I like this :) Kinda dubby dream industry. Please post back when you get a better mix!

Working on that as I type this.

I smoothed up other parts of the song, too.

I’ll test it on a few different speakers to see how it sounds once I finish to double check.

Hey Saboteur!

Nice tune, but I’m missing the catchy melodies…
This is a style I’ve never heard from you, much darker.
Cool drums as always though. :)

Still tha distortion master!

Thanks Dufey. :)

Also! I remixed it over the past few days, and added a few slight changes. It’s up on the Myspace again, same name/picture as before.

I’m not going to call the mix perfect, because I’m still far from understanding how to properly do it…but it should sound a bit better. :) Any pointers on obvious errors in the mix would be most appreciated.

I’m digging the mood of this, it is sweet atmospheric music. For some reason I think some laid-back rapping over this would sound pretty sweet too.