Sad Cinematic OST

It sounds weird but I created this song on the base of story that I am soon intending to write down. I used sforzando player in Renoise to manage vocals and then managed simple pad to create the instruments. Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: I will be so much grateful for feedbacks!

Like it. Some of the pads seemed to clash a bit (not sure if slightly out of tune or frequency overlap) but other than that sounds sweet.Nice work.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: maybe it was slightly out of tune :smiley:

Try using an amp on this :wink: I `m not sure which I liked most, the more distorted one or the original.

Thanks! Maybe the distorted would sound more realistic, I will try to work it out sometimes :slight_smile: I appreciate your feedback a lot :slight_smile:

Cool, definitely let us know when the story is written down.

Beautiful work.

You do excellent work with contrasts between truly consonant harmonies, and stretched harmonies. Maybe you didn’t intend to, but I think that the result is very good.

In terms of a harmonic exploration, it’s an excellent piece. Two thumbs up.

Sometimes you just don’t intend, you feel the music or you just try which is the best appropriate sound :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedbacks, guys, this song forced me to start writing my story :smiley: