Sad Melody On Idm Beat

Figured I’d share even though it’s no ReNoise.

It’s short so it’s not like you have to endure an epic 20 minute track. 1:18 and you’re done.

Most everything performed live. Inquiries to hardware will be answered.

nice stuff :)

That was nice. OK. How did you program those beats? Is that a break on a sampler, with drum machine sync as well? I like the synth bits also, so let’s have it…

The drums were 2 layers of Korg ESX recorded on top of each other.

First layer are the main drums + amen edit. On the ESX is a ribbon controller for arppagio/retrigger and a ‘roll’ button for quick retriggers. There’s also a ‘short delay’ effect with two control knobs. I used the ribbon controller and roll button together for the kick drum variations and the short delay (and volume changes) on the amen to make that loop become all crazy.

The second layer is the “Funky Mule” drums that come in later. That was also sequenced on the ESX (on a separate pattern and recorded as separate track) and played through a Korg KaosPad KP3 using the Looper effect (very similar to ReNoise’ old Stutter effect but locked to a tempo). It also has the ability to loop a section backwards.

Basically, both drum sequence patterns were played live continuously while I just fiddled with some knobs and the recorder was going. If I didn’t like my performance, I just recorded it over again. In the future, I want to use virtual tracks more and ‘comping’…

Very cool. Thanks for sharing, you got some nice results.