Safari Web Browser For Windows Xp/vista

The default web browser on OS X is now available for your crashing pleasure:

Developers wanting to make apps for the iPhone which will probably be close to Dashboard widgets which are basically Javascript/XML apps run with the Safari engine, take notice?

I wrote a Review (German) in my blog. Not only that this piece of crap always crashes, the german version also kills headlines, italic texts and almost anything that is written with “umlaute”.

Adding bookmarks kills the browser quite good. I don’t know how apple usually handles betas but this is IMHO pre-Alpha…

I can’t read german, but I went to the pages you have on your blog and it worked for me? (On my windows machine at work?) 3.0.1

When I use 3.0.1 I even do not have the menu on my website.

Well, the sites in your blog work for me. doesn’t work for me on windows though. So, beta in the loosest sense of the word indeed. The same site with the same browser on OS X works fine though.

Alpha at best.

No fonts show up until I delete the two fonts that come with it, but then I only get a few fonts to work–I can’t use the address bar, menus, or anything. It’s pretty much useless right now. I’ve never used something in quite an alpha stage as this–not even brand new alpha console emulators have run this poorly.

Well, they can go two ways with this browser on Windows:They either give up or continue and release a browser that is only 0.55 times as fast as the rest. Because i suspect that is the true performance that will remain after debugging the whole.

I already consider Safari crap on MacOsx (dealing improperly with CSS styles for instance.).
I checked site stuff in FireFox, IE and Netscape (Opera for a while) but these seem to be in line more or less and little adjustments need to be made to make a page work on each browser.
On Safari i had to rewrite complete pages and stylesheets to make things work on that browser.
Some developers do not understand the terminology “standards” properly.



My other Webpage validates XHTML in W3 and it works perfect on IE6, FF, Opera and somehow on IE7. In Safari, the design is okay but italics and Headlines got fxxcked up.

The Acid2-Test is imho just a joke. I mean, when is it really needed to make such a thing with CSS only? I just want my DIVs 400px wide when I enter width:400px and not like in IE6 *html div{width:400px} or 399px in FF or whatever.

This is just annoying. I want pure and simple standards. I don’t care if my browser is closed or opensource. I don’t care if I use Windoze, Linux or OS/x…

If you want to see what the issue is, do:

.megathumb {
text-align: center;
background: red;

You’re element is a float, and it’s being positioned to the left of your text in Safari. Similar to . The other browsers are compensating…

The fix is either putting a

or encapsulating
Neuste Partyfotos: …

You call this a complete pass?

I’m saying Safari passes the standards test, as formulated by the Web Standards Project and as much as people think Safari sucks, maybe your frustration with it not reading your code is between the keyboard and the user, not the way it renders standards?

My real frustration is these several ways of standards guru’s think about code implementation in general that result in this babylon-disaster. people will probably only agree in “not agreeing” at all, but there are several sites claiming how code should be written to meet any specific standard, yet there is still not really an official standard and whatever is standard, changes on day by day basis so you always have to revaluate your previous done work to see if it still meets todays standards.

Browsers coders of today that tend to use strict standards will support todays standard but will loose focus on previous accepted standards that’s why a lot of browsers accept code in a different way so that old websites show the way they were coded when standards were different.
today’s browsers will ofcourse never accept future code but this does not mean that past code nessesarily has to be neglected. At least that is how i see Safari:Yet another browser that pretends to be strict.
Wasn’t Opera the same way all the beginning?
Faster than known browsers and better.

The world is being generated by wiseguys and smartasses that always seem to know better but the future will disapprove of their todays findings sooner or later.

Fair enough.

Don’t install this load of crap. What a waste of time, I even have a “Apple software update” after uninstall. :blink: