Saine / Break A Pattern

Yes, can’t believe I missed this little gem among all the stones here. ;)

Very good mellow and quirky songs. I’ll definitely buy it. :walkman:

P.S. just kidding about the stones. No hard feelings, peeps? Ok? D.S.

Wow, it’s nice to see this topic bouncing back. :) There are still vinyls left btw, I’ve been having some trouble getting them to the record shops I’d like but if you’re into the sounds, it can be ordered at

Anyway… Thank you so much for the feedback guys, it really is appreciated.

And Kaneel, man… Get yourself some darn turntables. :D

Argh, was about to order the Vinyl (Didn’t even know it existed), but the shipping is 12€ to germany which ups the price to over 30€ total… Ouch. :( have to think about that one a bit.

Yeah it pains me to hear about this and I get you completely - 12€ is a lot and I’ve gotten similar feedback before. Contacting larger places like Boomkat or Juno proved futile last year and at some point I sort of lost hope regarding the practical side of things, moving vinyl around to shops is expensive etc… Making music is so much more fun than figuring out how to sell it. B)

Anyway, I’ve now started to look into this whole distribution thing again, I really need to find out a bit more about the available options.

Has anyone here sold their vinyl around recently and by any chance have any good tips for getting it to some nice record shops? And what online-shops would you guys recommend, in Europe for starters?

(Btw Looza, currently checking out the Roquette Science material, cool stuff man! Really fun to hear new projects from you)

Great pice of music @Saine exactly the style of music they are like. I have buy “Break a pattern” from, you have my support :walkman:

“just as i pictured it” is owning me right now. (=

reminds me a bit of jan johansson and nu jazz like molvaer. i love that kind of piano sound.

Wow thanks man! Great to hear such feedback -still quite a novice with keyboards… The trumpet in the outro is also a played element in there btw, but man all that editing. ;) The previous time I had touched my trumpet was 15 years ago so that one took quite a bit of figuring out haha.

Btw for those of you who are into Spotify, the album can now finally be found there also. :)

I’m also still working on that vinyl thing, some light at the end of the tunnel there but we’ll see hmm… It’s harder than I thought, to get anyone at all interested these days, without the obligatory nintendowonkyness percentage of at least 91 or so… :rolleyes:

Aaanyway thanks again for the support guys.

Smooth chillout with nice textures.

I randomly picked 12" from store maybe 8 months ago, later I noticed it was from Finland and today I learned it is also made with Renoise :)

Haha, small world, huh… :)

For those around France the vinyl can now also be found at Toolbox Records, they seem to have a nice catalogue of less-known music:

Still checking out other options for vinyl sales, too…

Hey sorry for flooding, but… I just noticed you can finally get it at Juno as well! :)