Saine / Break A Pattern

Greets fellow Renoisers!

It took ages to get all the nasty details sorted out, but my second instrumental album is finally released. :slight_smile: Couldn’t have done it without Renoise. If you’re into visual and urban/cinematic stuff - check out the digital version by searching for Saine at:

You can preview-listen the tunes and see if it hits the spot for you at or

Saine / Break A Pattern

  1. Fade In
  2. The Grinder
  3. Just As I Pictured It
  4. Note To Self
  5. A Little Something
  6. Sidewalk
  7. One Of A Kind
  8. Babylon’s Whistle
  9. Down To Earth
  10. Voodoo
  11. Nature Jinx
  12. The Morning Hour

There’ll be more online stores announced later but these should please most PC and Mac users for now. :slight_smile: Btw, Digital Tunes also offers a high quality FLAC version for the same price, and supports Paypal and Visa Electron payment methods among others. Oh and if vinyl is your media you’ll have to wait a month or two, since the upcoming double LP edition is still being pressed and I don’t know how long exactly it’ll take.

I also finally put up a website of my own: you can find updates there every once in a while (still building the site up) and if you stop by a bit closer to christmas, you’ll find some FREE brand new music there as well. :wink:

Okay that’s it folks, I do hope you like the album - it was a lot (!) of work I can tell you… :smiley:

I just bought it, will listen to it tomorrow. Really looking forward to hear what you’ve been up to :)

Really, really amazing stuff you got there.

really nice stuff. :)

I like it, very much.

Really moody stuff, the general soundscape you built is so rich and full… So much going on.

Also the way you treat your samples is really great, the “morning hour” for example, that guitar seems to be really cheesy at first but after a few bars it totally got me.

May I ask how much is sampled (from records) and how much is recorded? I couldn’t tell at all… Sounds too complex to be all sampled but at the same time the way the samples sound and the way you treat them makes me suspect you got them all from dusty vinyl… Confusing, in a very good way.

Gosh, I just wish it would be a rainy sunday in summer, this music would be perfect… at the moment with this shitty weather outside it is abit too dark sometimes, but that is entirely not the fault of the music but of my tendency towards feeling depressed for no valid reason.

Thanks a lot, really glad to hear you guys are liking it. :slight_smile:

Looza, I’d say sampling/programming and recorded elements are 50/50. The keyboards, guitars, trumpets and percussion (+random household objects) are mostly home-recorded, the rest is programmed (keyboards are vsti+mangled). Great to hear you were into this stuff!

i totally dig sidewalk and voodoo.

Hey Guys,

This is a great album.

It’s now featured on … a good way to promote the album and Renoise at the same time :)

Mick :)

I especially like The Grinder. Various tones fly comfortably.

Thank you fellas, it’s always comforting to know someone out there is actually playing the tunes. :slight_smile:

I also just got the test pressings of the double vinyl version: it’s going to be hot! :smiley: I’ll post here when I know the release date for that one as well… Anyway, spread the word if you dig the music - and a massive thanks for listening everyone!

Wow. I’m usually not into darker house-styles. But I listened to Sidewalk three times already. Well it isn’t really dark but quite minimalistic and melodic at the same time - so nice! First I was impressed by the groovy bassline shortly after the fourth beat. Then the organ-like chords…They sound like some quitely rotating fan somewhere in the kitchen with a calm and sweet sound. Lovely. The first notes of the melody line are not the strongest part of the song while their last four notes are add a very good vibe in my opinion. All in all it fits the genre very well in the end.
Really nice. This lovely piece made me smile all the time.

Gilli thanks for that inspirational feedback, it’s fun to read someone’s thoughts on the details! The quietly rotating fan association is quite close to the original idea. :slight_smile:

For those interested, you can now pre-order the double vinyl at:

The price 22€ includes shipping costs and both MP3+FLAC versions as a bonus. There are also royalty-share options for buyers, a cool idea you can read more about on the site if interested. Don’t worry, putting the required “1” in the shares box next to the buy button won’t add anything to the normal price.

More at

listened to the previews, amazing work as always, you know how to capture pure chill in sound form my man :)
didn’t realize there was a new one, time to nab this one :D

No worries Kaneel I know just what you mean :wink:

Transient, glad you like it man! Also playing that new downtempo release of yours atm, works like a charm

Small update: Even though it’s “pre-order” the vinyl will now be posted to you right after the order.

really great stuff.
what a trip!

Just bought this yesterday, really amazing music, inspiring and ‘alive’!
Loving the ‘jazz’ in this. Congrats on this brilliant release captain!

Thanks BotB and thedissonant, I appreciate that! Real good if it feels ‘alive’ to you on some level -that vibe can be tricky to achieve. Hmm, I also got to come up with new ideas for new material now that the album is complete, wish me luck guys… :wink:

I have to say I am impressed with your album. Yes I know I`m over a year late but I accidently found it somewhere on the internet :) Great great work!

Indeed, this is really well done material. With the clarity of the mix, and the way all of the parts work together in the compositions; it’s great stuff. Kudos!