Saine / Clockwork Ep

Hey fellas, here’s a little christmas present for you all: a free 5-track EP! :slight_smile:

You can download it exclusively from at the music section - in either FLAC, OGG or MP3.

Saine / Clockwork EP

  1. Sleep Mode
  2. Live A Little
  3. Radio Silence
  4. Next To Nothing
  5. Transit

It’s slightly more spontaneous style-wise, in comparison to my recently released album. I’ve been doing my best to ‘trust’ the music instead of over-analyzing and I think this one turned out quite nice, I hope you guys enjoy it!

By all means, spread the link to your friends. And remember to check out that album as well haha… :slight_smile:

I like your sound very much! Reminds me a bit of Tilman Ehrhorn’s music, very lush sounding stuff. Perfect for a sunday evening. :)

Thanks, I look forward to hearing this. I’ve been playing the album almost constantly since I bought it a week ago :)

niceness all over, cheers and thanks

Heey I’m glad you guys like this one thanks. :slight_smile: It was a fun EP to make and I’m quite happy of the overall texture of moods in it. I guess I’ll continue developing some specific ideas I got during this one further, for my future stuff.

Happy holidays all…!

Thanx for sharing :D

I like it a lot!