Saine / Drifter Ep

It’s that time of the year again!

For those of you into house music - there’s a brand new 4-track release called Drifter EP out on Must Have Records (a newborn label out of out of northern Virginia by Jay Simon) by yours truly… Hope you guys like it, everything is done in Renoise as usual…

Had a lot of fun making it - as a contrast for some of my recent more experimental tunes, this time I was aiming for simple, loopy and catchy stuff with the main focus in the head-nod factor, no strings attached… While still keeping it as interesting soundwise as I can, for sure - and trying out new editing techniques etc… There’s lots of lossy YouTube-sampled sounds in between there actually. ;) Well ok, basically just good ol’ house music that could work equally at home or played out loud somewhere - enjoy!

(The photograph is shot with a Polaroid camera right here in Helsinki, hehe… Though that muscle in the pic isn’t mine! I wish…)





Mastered by Mark Richardson at Prairie Cat Mastering.
Vinyl pressed at Archer Record Pressing, Detroit.

The release is only available on vinyl for the time being, I’ll post this thread if/when a digital version becomes available - for whoever’s interested and plays vinyl, the 12" can be grabbed at:

Juno Records

OYE Records (Berlin)

Crosstalk (US)

Piccadilly Records (UK)

Diskunion (Japan)

Red Eye Records (UK)

Smooooooooooooooooth :D


mr fingers would get envy…

digging it atm.
thx for the pointer.

Saine’s monsoon. Nice
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Hurry up with the digital-release already!! :w00t:

Such a tease to be able to listen to 'em on Soundcloud and it’s only available on vinyl. Not nice. Not nice at all. ^_^

I’ve literally just started learning Renoise, I hope one day I can make something that sounds remotely as cool as this! :)

Thanks so much for the kind words