Saine - Fireflies

New track & music video here:

Produced in Renoise, all of the synths are from Korg Polysix. The video is shot on 8mm film here in Helsinki.

“For The Dreamers” LP out very soon on Omena Records, vinyl and digital :)If you’re feeling this, by all means, drop a comment or like on YouTube, share to your friends etc. - million thanks! <3


for the dreamers was the first record I heard from you. those bubbly arps, oh my. ssm2044 is a miracle man. hmm… again a question. how do you achieve this vinylish kick snare sounds? would be enough to know where to look for the rabit. I will follow the rabit on my own then.

Yes! SSM2044 ftw! :blush:

About drum sounds - I think it’s mostly as simple as keeping your sample collection neat (=if you download a sample pack of a 1000 snares - delete the 950 you know you’re not going to be using straight away, otherwise the task will become too much to handle and it’ll take ages finding anything usable later on) and spending a fair amount of time auditioning for the right ones at the beginning of a track (=not like “I’ll just leave this here and improve it later”). Sometimes it means having to go through hundreds of drum sounds until something fits in the pocket - things can always be phattened up afterwards (I do EQ my sounds quite a lot, and I do run tracks through some external gear, but that’s usually not where the actual magic happens), but if the initial sound isn’t right, it can be mission impossible.

In case of synthetic drums, similar approach works I think - spend a bit of time getting it right in the beginning and try not to make a habit of fiddling with the sound every day - ears will get tired, you’ll eventually lose grasp of the big picture etc.

It’s also a good idea to always try to pitch kick drums up and down to see what works frequency wise. Usually the one that is in tune with the song is a good idea, but sometimes there are weird surprises. Hope this was of some help.

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hey, thanks Saine. I did as you described and my drums sound way better now. I may come up with more questions now and then. for the moment I’m fine though. :slight_smile:

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Saine - Fireflies is a loveley smooth electronic track! Good work!

Beautiful. Reminds me of several different artists, but has a unique sound of its own.

Thank you!!

It takes some time, but then the tracks evolves greatly.After 3:00 it is really great (enormous strings/chords and bubble sounds). But it is pity that the climax of the track ends after 45 seconds …
Would love to hear a longer version… however very good track :slight_smile:

Good point - it could surely be longer. Same goes to most of the tracks on that album, they’re all pretty compact (guess I was aiming to keep it floating constantly from one vibe to another, the tracks differ from one another quite a lot) with the total duration of the LP being less than 40 minutes.

(If someone got interested, you can grab the whole album here: - a couple of shops here and there, like Phonica, still carry the vinyl version too)

And thanks so much for the kind words!