Saine - For The Dreamers LP


I’ve got a new album out on vinyl this week, released on Omena Records. I thought I should share it with you guys here, it’s still all put together in Renoise.

You can buy it from a bunch of record stores, if you’re interested in getting a copy, I’ll include a couple of links below:

Juno (UK) (GER)

Rush Hour (NL)

Pacific Beach Vinyl (USA)

Japan to follow soon… There will be a digital version as well, with an iTunes pre-order sometime next week and the rest + Bandcamp + streaming a few weeks after that.

Hope you like the music, I put a lot of love into this thing… And still really enjoy working in Renoise. :slight_smile:

Here’s the title track off the LP:

(There are other tracks from the album on my SoundCloud too)