Saine - Rocket Science

Felt like doing some bangin’ house this time, hope you guys like it. 100% made in Renoise, apart from the final bits of post-production.

Btw this one uses the 2.5 beta version’s stutter effect extensively. :wink: Excuse the nasty hihats of Soundcloud-compression…

PS. How do I embed a Soundcloud-player straight to this post, do you guys know a custom BB code for that? Thanks.

[Edit: thanks dfast, fixed]

Nice job!! :D Although it sounds like two songs mixed one after another.

A CD with this kind of music together with Break A Pattern will make a dangerous duo.

Thanks! Haha yeah I got a bit carried away with the song structure… It just wanted to go on and on and I couldn’t stop. :)

Just use the mediatag (media)(/media) replace () with [] and put the song url between the tag.

Nice song btw :)

I’m generally not a 4/4 kinda guy but this track is such a great trip! Thanks for the ride. ;)

So many beautiful subtleties in there. This definitely warrants many repeated listens.

Yeah, I really liked that!

Would definitely listen to a nice long mix of your stuff whilst riding my bike.

Get a mix done and I will spread it round my riding mates, here in Tokyo. We are always looking for new hypnotic ways to add sound tracks to our rides…

…Would have to say though; the main melody piece at the start needs varying to make it more interesting. The song shifts around really well apart from this part, which seems monotonous. If you can add some shifts to that you will have yourself a master piece!

Thanks! Yes you’re propably right man, I worked on the beginning of the track during my minimal techno periods earlier. And I just realized, as it goes on you can literally hear where my summertime playlists have been recently. Evolving from Mike Dehnert to Luomo with some strange vinyl-findings in between lol. :D

I figured if I get lucky enough to put it on vinyl sometime later, the intro’s something for the DJ’s to work with, but the track could use a shorter edit indeed hehe…